Monday, December 7, 2009

Six Degrees of Ed: A Modern Family Roundup

I had so much fun watching Julie Bowen's new sitcom, Modern Family, for my liveblogging experiment, that I wanted to explore what's out there in the way of Modern Family resources.

(Image via lilsugar)

This fansite is a good source for Modern Family news, basically aggregating all the content that comes out about the show. They could use a little help in the design department, but I do like their cast and crew page, which looks much more streamlined than mine.

Paste magazine has a list of "Five Reasons Why Modern Family is Television's Best New Comedy," complete with video evidence. I completely agree with the number-one reason: Mitchell and Cameron are the funniest couple on the show.

(Image via Are You Screening?)

The Onion's entertainment section, The AV Club, also wrote reviews of the episodes I watched, "The Incident" and "Fizbo". Both earned "A" ratings, which impresses me because I don't think I've ever seen anything get an "A" from The AV Club, let alone episodes of a sitcom.

And finally, here's an interview Julie Bowen did with Ellen DeGeneres. Both are very funny blonde ladies. Maybe Ellen should do a guest spot on Modern Family; I'd definitely watch.

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