Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Liveblogging Extravaganza, Part II

And we're back! I really enjoyed watching "The Incident" earlier, so I'm excited for another round of Modern Family. Tonight's new episode is titled "Fizbo." It's a strange name for an episode (and is slightly freaking me out because it sounds like Gizmo), so I'm eager to find out who or what Fizbo is.

ABC's episode summary says "Fizbo" focuses on Claire and Phil trying to throw Luke an awesome birthday party. Sounds like a good premise to me. There was actually a Season 3 episode of Ed in which Carol and Ed try to throw Sarah Burton an amazing party, and are successful. Somehow, I don't think the Dunphys will be quite as lucky. Especially when Luke is holding a crossbow in the promo picture I found for the episode.

(Image via TV Over Mind)

9:01 pm

Aw, Phil and Claire once made Luke a cake of stuffing for his birthday. And they got him a "really nice box" as a present. It reminds me of one sort-of-disappointing birthday when I got a picture frame. (Sorry, Mom!)

9:02 pm

You're right, Phil, there aren't any good clowns.

9:03 pm

Manny wants a girl to like him and asks if he's charming. This kid is so cute. He sent milk over to her in the cafeteria.

9:04 pm

Oh, so "Fizbo" is Cameron in clown garb. Once they mentioned clowns, I did think that would be a good name for one. Kind of like Bozo.

9:06 pm

They show the family in the hospital and then flashback to earlier. It reminds me of Arrested Development.

9:07 pm

"I finally figured out what we're going to be making [at the craft table]."
"Kids bored?"

9:08 pm

Mitchell and Cameron are "those kind of uncles" because they got Luke a computer game about math. I don't know, I really loved Math Blaster when I was Luke's age.

I had no idea there were four kinds of clowns. And Mitchell's facial expressions while Cameron explains about his love of clowning are priceless.

9:09 pm

Fizbo is apparently the least sexual being on Earth. Love it.

9:10 pm

Claire sounds just like when I tried to sell the kids at my summer camp on lame crafts -- "it's a really cool pouch for your comb."

Manny says the girl he likes is the complete package because she has good handwriting. Grade school was such a simpler time.

9:11 pm

Hey, the guy fighting with Mitchell called him "Carrot Top." It's like they knew I referenced him in my last post. Cameron scares him into apologizing to Mitchell because he's a clown, which is awesome.

9:13 pm

Claire's been combing her hair all day. Her little combs remind me of the ones you used to get at picture day.

9:14 pm

I love that Dylan's response is "Oh, hells yeah!" when asked if he wants to hold a lizard. This guy cracks me up.

9:15 pm

"I regularly drive through neighborhoods that have only recently been gentrified." Such a yuppie response.

9:16 pm

Dylan tells the animal girl that she's like Britney Spears. Is that at all a compliment anymore? I mean, I guess she's had her comeback and everything, but it was rough going for Britney for a while.

9:22 pm 

Mitchell likes Claire's comb sheaths. I'm glad someone takes part in her crafting.

9:23 pm

The music as the party goes to hell is perfect. And Manny removes his shoes before he "saves" Bianca from the deflating bouncy castle. Because he's law-abiding like that.

9:24 pm

Kids always want casts. I actually didn't, but then, I was one of those weirdos who wanted glasses instead.

I really have to remember to watch this show online, because although I will always default to Glee on Wednesdays, I loved Modern Family. There were lots of hilarious moments, and it's a nice change of pace from the more awkward humor of The Office or the goofiness of 30 Rock, which I also love, but sometimes get tired of.

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