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"Why don't sharks eat lawyers?": Episode 1x03 - Just Friends

(I have to point out that although this scene is great, it contains a goof: Jack Barry, who Carol claims came for Career Day a few years prior, actually died in 1984. Even if he came the year he died, that would be 16 years before the episode occurs, and Ed and Carol would have still been in high school.)

I cannot overstate how awesome this episode was. It was so difficult trying to narrow down what to write and which clips to use, because I loved almost every one of the 43 minutes in "Just Friends."

In the second $10 bet we see, Ed and Mike eat breakfast, and Mike dares Ed to drink the remainder of the syrup bottle. He does.

Nancy comes in and says she has been up with Sarah for the eighth consecutive night. Mike tries to butter her up by telling her she looks great, but she claims he's been pretending to sleep so he doesn't have to tend to Sarah. Mike argues he's just a sound sleeper.

Carol asks Nick what he's teaching that day. Nick says the kids want him to read some Jack Kerouac. Carol states that when she was in Nick's sophomore English class, they did The Catcher in the Rye; "it was amazing." Ew.

Nick replies, "Yeah, well, lots of times, when I look in the mirror, I see Holden Caulfield staring back at me." Phony.

Mike answers the door to the mailman, Richie, who has a certified letter for Mr. Edward J. Stevens. Mike invites him in to have a waffle.

The envelope contains divorce papers from Liz. Mike tells Richie, "Ed's wife slept with the mailman." Richie quips, "Wish mine would."

At Stuckeybowl, Ed announces that he wants to promote one of his employees to manager because he's so busy with his law practice. Phil immediately accepts the job, but Ed wants each of them to have a chance to interview.

Three guys, Lou, Ernie, and Bob, come to Stuckeybowl. They went to high school with Ed; Bob and Ed had wood shop together. They're in need of legal representation -- and some "bowling alley 'natchos'."

Ed and the men go into his office to discuss their problem. (This is the first time we see Ed with his baseball bat; it becomes a character trait.)

Carol asks if Molly will come with her to the pie shop after third period, because she's having lunch with Ed. Molly asks why, if Carol and Ed are friends, do they need a chaperone?

Carol flounders for an excuse, but is interrupted by Warren, who comes in and acts like he's a teacher. Carol tells him to get out, but Warren claims he is a teacher -- he joined the student tutoring program and is conveniently teaching Oliver Twist, which Carol is also covering in her class.

After Carol leaves, Warren tells Molly, "You know, your friend here's a tough nut to crack, and I am one hungry squirrel." Dream on, Warren.

The bar napkin looks like a legitimate contract to Ed, so he asks how the four friends' lives have been going since they made the contract. Lou is broke, but taking night classes, Ernie is a roofer with $2,000 to his name, and Bob spent his life savings trying to open a broasted chicken restaurant.

Arthur turns out to have become a millionaire -- his company is worth $100 million to be exact, and these three believe they are entitled to half of that money, per their agreement.

Ed asks how Arthur responded to their claim, and they say they only ever heard from "his big-shot New York lawyers."

They hand over a letter to Ed, who is shaken: Arthur is being represented by Farmer and Sheehan, the firm that fired Ed.

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Ed, Molly, and Carol are eating lunch at the pie shop. Ed asks abruptly if Carol can "give him a timeframe on this whole friends thing," wondering when they can start being more than friends.

Carol mock-suggests March 11, then says she can't, because at 8:00 she's having dinner with her boyfriend of seven years.

Ed replies, "Ouch. I've been hoisted by my own petard." Molly comments, "But what a lovely petard it is." When Carol rebukes her for humoring him, Molly says, "What? The guy's got a nice petard."

Carol excuses herself to the bathroom. Ed doesn't want to be friends with Carol because they'll stay stuck as friends, so he plans to do something about it.

Ed walks up to a store called Video Magic and tells the manager he wants to star in his own video. After confirming that he will neither talk dirty nor remove his pants, Ed is ready to go.

Kenny, dressed sharply in a suit, tells Ed he's ready for his interview. Ed begins to read his resume, and is shocked to find that Kenny graduated from Tufts with a 3.7 GPA and is a pediatric nurse. When Ed asks why he works at Stuckeybowl, Kenny merely says, "Life is a journey."

Mike sleeps through Sarah's crying again, leaving Nancy to check on the baby.

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Molly visits Ed at Stuckeybowl and asks why he's pacing around with his baseball bat. He tells her about going against Farmer and Sheehan in court, and about how he was fired. Ed says the firm is "very good, and they work in packs, like hyenas, and I'll be outnumbered 4 to 1." Molly smiles and says "Not necessarily."

Does Molly have a plan to help Ed against the big, bad New York lawyers? We will be right back with more of Episode 1x03 after this commercial break.

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