Thursday, September 10, 2009

All About Ed

Before we jump into the episodes, here's a little refresher course on the show to bring everyone up to speed. I may be watching all the episodes, but you, my home viewers, are not. These are the important details you need to know about the cast of characters and the town they inhabit.

Ed Stevens (played by Tom Cavanagh)

Ed is our protagonist, as should be fairly obvious since the show is named after him.

Ed grew up in Stuckeyville, Ohio, but left home and became a lawyer in New York City. As we will see in the first episode, he makes a mistake on a contract for his law firm -- and catches his wife Liz having an affair -- on the same day.

What's a guy to do? Ed opts to move back home to Stuckeyville and reconnects with his best friend Mike and his wife Nancy, and finally talks to his high school dream girl, Carol. On an impulse, Ed buys the local bowling alley, Stuckeybowl, and sets up a law practice inside.

Carol Vessey (played by Julie Bowen)

Carol is Ed's love interest, and an English teacher at Stuckeyville High School. She was very popular in high school; hence, slightly dorky Ed never spoke to her as a teenager.

Carol is best friends with Molly, another teacher, and is dating her own former high school English teacher, Nick Stanton, much to Ed's dismay.

Dr. Mike Burton (played by Josh Randall)

Mike was Ed's best friend growing up, and is now beginning his career as a doctor under the stern watch of his boss, Dr. Walter Jerome. He is married to Nancy, and the two have a new baby daughter, Sarah.

Mike and Ed enjoy playing basketball and wagering "$10 bets" for any ridiculous task they think the other won't do.

Nancy Burton
(played by Jana Marie Hupp)

Nancy is married to Mike and is a new mother to Sarah. She is returning to work after her
maternity leave, and worries about the impact that move will have on her daughter.

Nancy is often a bemused spectator of Mike and Ed's goofy behavior.

Molly Hudson
(played by Lesley Boone)

Molly is Carol's best friend and a teacher at Stuckeyville High School. She is also Ed's first
client at his Stuckeybowl practice.

Molly is the voice of reason for the flightier Carol, and a good sounding board for all of her friends.

Warren Cheswick
(played by Justin Long)

Warren is a student at Stuckeyville High School with a massive crush on Carol. He views Ed as a romantic rival for her affections, despite his complete ineptness.

Phil Stubbs, Shirley Pifko, and Kenny Sandusky (played by Michael Ian Black, Rachel Cronin, and Mike Starr)

Phil, Shirley, and Kenny make up the staff at Stuckeybowl. They have worked there since before Ed arrived, and help him learn the ropes.

Phil is a constant schemer, Shirley is eccentric to the extreme, and Kenny is just along for the ride.

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